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Meet Philipp Steffens and his wand lamp “Lisouette”

Lisou_01 Lisou_02 Lisou_03

Meet Marcus Behrens and his Solar Mirror “Heliostat”


Meet Ruhrwerke Artifex und Liebherz

steampunk Labortante




Workshop: Make a “Bibberbeest”

Bibberbeests are selfmade, vibrating creatures, constructed from commonly available materials: a small electro motor and battery, electrical wire, connectors and (of course) googly eyes. Tools and materials are easy to handle and construction is easy, so the bibberbeests that are created are always unique, scrambling around in their own peculiar way.


The workshop will be held by De Maakschappij,



Meet Sagawe&Sohn and their patio oven!

Chantico Milieu groß

Chantico Terrassenofen anzünden

kleiner Chantico Milieu3

Pyrolseofen Grafik Funktionsweise

Terra Preta Logo

Meet Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

Campus Party

Aetherplayer 2Aetherplayer 3


Laptop 1

Meet 3D-Druckerzentrum Ruhr

Hands-On at the 3D-printer!

3D-Druckzentrum-Ruhr-053D-Druckzentrum-Ruhr-04 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Meet Fachhochschule Dortmund

We digitize Dortmund!

Wir digitalisieren Dortmund-FH Dortmund

Meet KITZdo

How much chocolate will get me on top of Mount Everest?

Wie viel Schokolade-KITZdo

Abacus Theatre

timecruiser nr5