Meet Collective Paper Aesthetics

‘everyone can play a designer’!

.. is the motto of the participatory construction toys and ‘hands-on’ public/ Private furnishing that ‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’ has developed together with with museums, science centres, cultural and educational organizations.

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_03

‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’ is a civic game in design models; reloading Buckminster Fuller Octet-truss patent to a series of explorations in objects, space and experience.

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_04

‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’ is introducing a physical modelling tool to communicate complex systems in a playful manner. The principle tool is a cardboard lattice, to be fold into three dimensional polyhedral packs. The pack is closing with cardboard joints, which are integrated in the lattice itself.

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_02

Noa Haim is a designer and architect based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2008 she is operating her cultural entrepreneurship titled ‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’. More information at

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Photo credits: Kobtze Donner