Meet the Makers

The “Makers” are, of course, the most important people in every Maker Faire! Without their ideas, enthusiasm and creativity there would’nt be as much fun and inspiration! On this list, which will be updated on a regular basis, you will find all the Makers to meet in Dortmund:

Abacus Theatre


Fachhochschule Dortmund


c’t Hacks

Labor independent, Kinderlabor

Ruhrwerke Artifex and Liebherz

FabLab Siegen

Horatius Steam


Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

Philipp Steffens, Lisouette

Marcus Behrens, Heliostat

FabLab Lünen (Mitmach-Werstatt e.V.)


Folkwang “Experience and Interaction“

Frank Andre, Hacklace



3D-Druckerzentrum Ruhr

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