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Meet Collective Paper Aesthetics

‘everyone can play a designer’!

.. is the motto of the participatory construction toys and ‘hands-on’ public/ Private furnishing that ‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’ has developed together with with museums, science centres, cultural and educational organizations.

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_03

‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’ is a civic game in design models; reloading Buckminster Fuller Octet-truss patent to a series of explorations in objects, space and experience.

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_04

‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’ is introducing a physical modelling tool to communicate complex systems in a playful manner. The principle tool is a cardboard lattice, to be fold into three dimensional polyhedral packs. The pack is closing with cardboard joints, which are integrated in the lattice itself.

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_02

Noa Haim is a designer and architect based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2008 she is operating her cultural entrepreneurship titled ‘Collective Paper Aesthetics’. More information at

140420_City pyramid_NoaHaim_05

Photo credits: Kobtze Donner

Meet Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

Campus Party

Aetherplayer 2Aetherplayer 3


Laptop 1

Meet Fachhochschule Dortmund

We digitize Dortmund!

Wir digitalisieren Dortmund-FH Dortmund

Meet KITZdo

How much chocolate will get me on top of Mount Everest?

Wie viel Schokolade-KITZdo

Abacus Theatre

timecruiser nr5


Maker Talk: “Old School Science” vs. the Maker and FabLab Movement – Attracting Young People to Science and Innovation

This talk will be held in English!

How can universities and corporationsget our restless teenagers involved in technology and innovation? With spectacular interactivities or by showing their long traditions and history? A growing number of universities in Europe invites the young to be part of science and technology itself, in school projects, through ‚maker faires‘ and ‚fablabs‘. Science LinX represents the quickly growing University of Groningen in the Netherlands, what worked well in their approach and what did not?

BvdL 2014

17:30 – 18:00 h
22:30 – 23:00 h

Meet Düsselgrün



Maker Talk: “Just another Hype” or “New ways of exploration and fabrication” – Discussing the International Maker and FabLab-Movement

Maker Faires and FabLabs attract people of all ages to explore new ideas, discover their creativity, craft and design products all over the world. How does this swirling Do-It-Yourself-movement relate to “traditional ways” of science, research and innovation? How can it contribute to new ways of “thinking outside the box”? Is this movement just another crazy idea?
Panel discussion with Prof. Claudius Lazzeroni (Essen), Rick Hall (Nottingham), Bart van de Laar (Groningen)


20:00 – 21:00 h

Maker Talk: WTFWTKATS* – Infomation between Experience and Interaction

*Title will be clarified during the talk
Prof. Claudius Lazzeroni, Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen

18:30 – 19:00 h

Maker Talk: FabLab – (Digital) Fabrication for all!

Oliver Stickel, Universität Siegen


22:00 – 22.30 h